About Ankara

Ankara (Formerly Angora), Turkey's capital city, and can be accepted as a “University Town”. Life in Ankara is quite enjoyable for students and there many are alternatives in food, accomodation and entertainment for different preferences. Addition to that it is easier for a foreign student to survive in terms of prices and safety.

The city at an altitude of 848 meters (2782 feet) is a sprawling metropolis of five million people, many of them employed in government ministries and embassies, in universities and schools, in hospitals and medical centres, and some in light industry on the outskirts.

Ankara's also has several interesting sights such as the Anıtkabir (Atatürk Mausoleum), Ankara Castle, Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, and Roman ruins. Centrally located, Ankara is a transportation nexus for all of Turkey's bus, train, plane and highway routes. So it is easy for foreign students to travel all around Turkey at their spare time.


Weather in Ankara

8 to 15 °C mid-September to November
-10 to 3 °C December to mid-March
3 to 15 °C mid-March to May
20 to 35 °C June to mid-September

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